The Second Africa Retail Congress

Africa's capacity to overcome obstacles will determine how quickly its retail industry grows. The challenges vary from poor physical and social infrastructure to record inflation rates, the energy crisis, escalating supply chain bottlenecks, a skills shortage, and mounting pressure on consumer spending power and household budgets. To support their objectives for growth, retail enterprises on the continent urgently need to reconsider their strategy, business models, and operational procedures.

Overcoming Africa's Retail Barriers is the subject of the second Africa Retail Congress. The congress will provide a framework for retail policy, research insights, expert viewpoints, best practices, and high-level networking opportunities. Retail stakeholders, academics, public sector representatives, and practitioners will discuss growth enablers: retail law, policy, data, e-commerce and technology, people and planet management, and partnerships.

CEOs, public sector employees, retail professionals, and seasoned academics representing the continent will speak at the congress. The intended congress attendees include, but are not limited to:

  • Suppliers/manufacturers and service sector businesses – Ranging from prominent local and multi-nationals to medium-sized manufacturers/ service providers who are looking to understand the African market as a growth opportunity
  • Retail-facing (key account managers, commercial managers and sales executives) and non-retail-facing (brand marketers, category managers, shopper marketers) supplier team members
  • Retail leaders and owners of retail chains
  • Academics interested in retail
  • E-commerce ecosystem and public sector participants
  • Government executives across Africa

The Africa Retail Congress will address several critical issues, such as:

  • What solutions exist for African retail businesses' infrastructure and logistical support issues?
  • What legislative changes will promote retail development and growth in Africa?
  • How can we use technology and data to grow Africa's retail markets?
  • How can effective people management and environmentally friendly retail practices support business opportunities?
  • What are the essential ingredients for retail growth in Africa?